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Variety Packs (Weed Edibles)

Buy Variety Packs (Weed Edibles) weed edibles variety packs online & get them delivered right to your front door. Get the best with free shipping.  Ever since they were legalized in some states and countries, cannabis weed edibles such as THC gummies, have become a large part of the cannabis community. Because of their potency, great taste, and low prices, weed gummies have become an integral part of many medical and recreational marijuana gummy users .

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Simply put, they are any cannabis product that is added to any type of food product.  Weed edibles look just like normal food, but once eaten, you’ll know the difference since they typically have a very high concentration of THC.  If you’re not a fan of smoking marijuana or dabbing concentrates, but still want to enjoy the effects of marijuana, you should definitely try edibles. 

The most popular edibles ordered online include cookies, brownies, cakes, gummies, lollipops and sparkling beverages. At, we ensure that only the freshest and highest quality cannabis edibles are sold throughout Canada. For more information on products, or for more information on weed edibles itself, continue on reading!

Cannabis Edibles Positive Effects:

The best part about weed edibles is that it keeps your lungs nice and healthy as you do not need to smoke it. Other cannabis edible benefits include a huge spike in relaxation and euphoria, making weed edibles a favorite in Canada.

Cannabis Edibles Medical Benefits:

The potent nature also makes it ideal in easing aches and pains.  Many people with chronic pains that linger, enjoy having cannabis edibles as on hand.  Pot edibles also promote a heavy narcotic couchlock sensation. This is perfect for medical marijuana patients suffering from insomnia as edibles are known to put people to sleep

Different Types of Cannabis Edibles:

Weed CookiesCannabis ChocolatePot Pasta
THC GummiesPot PiesWeed Brownies
Pot PopcornWeed BurgersCannabis Coffee

Pretty much you can make cannabis edibles with any type of food.  Some just work better together than others.

Cannabis Edibles Vs Marijuana Flowers: 

Weed edibles are much stronger than the buds, and because they are ingested, they react differently, resulting in a more intense couch lock sensation.   In addition, marijuana edibles tend to last longer on average.

Cannabis Edibles Vs Cannabis Concentrates:

Both are very potent forms of cannabis and are unique in their own way.  There are different categories and different ways to take them which will affect the experience. 

How to Make Cannabis Edibles?

There are many ways to make weed edibles. One way is to extract the THC from the buds and mix it with butter.  Then use the THC infused butter on whatever food you desire. Another method is to use THC distillate and just inject some THC into your food.  Basically, the THC just needs to be activated (i.e. heated to a certain point) and then the THC will get you high. 

How to take Cannabis Edibles?

This one is easy.  You just eat it! However, Cannabis edibles are very potent so you should know the proper cannabis edible dosage.  There is a wide range of food infused with THC available for sale. However, keep in mind it’s not easy to estimate the amount of psychoactive THC in a particular batch, which makes it difficult to dose. Thus, it’s best to start with lower amounts, as edibles are definitely more powerful than your regular cannabis joint. Everyone is different, and many variables are at play, so make sure you know your tolerance levels well before delving into the world of weed edibles.

How to Store Cannabis Edibles?

The shelf life of marijuana edibles are not as long as other cannabis products since food tends to spoil rather quickly.  Some edibles such as a hard THC candy will last longer than say a pot cookie. Just keep air away and keep your edibles refrigerated and be sure to eat them all before the expiry date! 

Also it is very important you keep cannabis edibles clearly labelled and out of the reach of children and pets as it can be very dangerous. Being a responsible cannabis user is of utmost importance when it comes to weed edibles. 

Cannabis Edibles Side Effects:

Cannabis edible highs can be unpredictable at times.  Sometimes it hits you light, at other times it hits you like a truck.  This is the reason that you should take edibles in moderation and start off slow. It could take a little time for the full effects to be felt, so it’s best to give some time in between doses.

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