Shatter – Jet Fuel

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1 gram $27
7 gram $125
14 gram $225
28 gram $400

5 reviews for Shatter – Jet Fuel

  1. pm22h

    Odd smelling but super high!

  2. Kevlar

    This is a great deal for a great product 10/10 would recomend! Clear shatter with a slight yellow tint that smokes up like crazy and is probably the best tasting shatter I’ve ever had.

  3. StrawHatFarrell

    Fantastic product! A beautiful translucent yellow that balls up nice. Not a strong smell to it but the taste is amazing! A sweet lemon pine that tastes divine. Smokes real clean and smooth as well. Overall I 100% recommend!

  4. BigDC

    Tasted so good. Fruity and delicious!

  5. Jbizzle

    It’s a little brittle with great smoke and high to came with it. Great choice if u ask me.

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