Shatter – Bruce Banner

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1 gram $27
7 gram $125
14 gram $225
28 gram $400

5 reviews for Shatter – Bruce Banner

  1. DjHB

    Can’t complain about the price. Good taste. Great high.

  2. DownThe_Rabbithole710

    Good product, felt clean and it hit nice. Awesome price for 7grams can’t complain. Issue is can’t have that on wax paper.

  3. DMD

    Good high though and got here super fast, so can’t complain too much.

  4. SureThing

    Seeing very mixed reviews here. I personally didn’t like it at first. I found it piney tasting and like said above was more like shattered glass. I have lots of friends that really enjoyed it as it was not harsh at all and still did the trick. I would not purchase again due to taste but I know 4 people that will be.


    i enjoyed every itty bitty tiny bit

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