Proleve – CBD Edible – Gummy Slices PM 4 Count – 25mg-50mg


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We’ve all been there: 2 am. 3:24 am. 4:56 am. “My alarm is going off at 6 am,” you think, starting to panic about the restless night you’ve had. This obnoxious insomnia has plagued you for years. You’ve tried so many things. You’ve tried quitting coffee in the afternoon, but getting no sleep has made that late in the day pick me up almost a necessity. You’ve been prescribed pharmaceutical sleep medicines, and while they knock you out for a good 8-10 hours, the grogginess and sometimes melancholy that accompanies them is not worth it. What can you do to help open the door for sleep in a natural, safe, legal way? Proleve’s Gummy Slices PM combine the mind-mellowing power of THC-free, hemp-derived CBD with known sleep-coaxer melatonin for an effective yet side effect free sleep aid. In a variety of delicious fruit flavors, these vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, organic CBD gummies from Proleve are a terrific answer to the question, “How can I get a good night’s sleep tonight?” Available in both 25mg and 50mg dosages, these tasty gummies will have Mr. Sandman knocking on your door in no time. And a convenient 4 count pouch, these Proleve CBD Gummy Slices PM are great for travel and on the go when you need sleep the most.


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