Nummy Slices 800mg

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Each pack contains: 10 slices per pack x 80mg THC per slice for a total of 800mg THC total per order

9 reviews for Nummy Slices 800mg

  1. TiGuyLeGrand

    potent, tasty and a great price= happy campers!

  2. TiGuyLeGrand

    these are good gummies…. bring you to another verse of this univers…. recommend strongly if you’re strong enough!

  3. MissPuffs23

    Guys these were hands down THE BEST TASTING EDIBLES around ! I’ve shopped my local and not and this right here not only taste like candy ! It get you high as hell . With no gross aftertaste of oil or weed ! Another 10/10
    Can’t wait to see what else you guys come out with . 10/10 p.s suckers need to be a thing from u

  4. Sir_G

    Tasted decent. Did the job nicely.

  5. y2kparty

    honestly, probably the best gummies i’ve ever had, infused or otherwise! they’re soft and sweet, but pack a potent punch. be careful dosing these. i found that they took a while to hit but it was worth the wait! anything resembling pain disappeared in an instant. i was dosing pretty consistently from 4-10 PM and slept like a rock. the munchies hit hard with these, but maybe that’s just me! keep a reasonable amount of snacks around just in case. all in all, i’d absolutely recommend. if you’re a daily rec user, maybe take a break for a few days before digging into these, because even if you’re satisfied with the high it’s unbelievably easy to tear through the whole box in one sitting; best to have a tolerance bar to hit your head on before you leave a human-shaped hole in the roof!

  6. Ky

    Potent & tasty. These were great for sleeping! Woke feeling rested.

  7. Pinksen21

    Potent gummies. Great price

  8. Dar Lene

    Great buzz

  9. Bethany Dillon

    Really like these, wasn’t expecting it to be as strong as they were, seem to hit better than other edibles I’ve tried. Although there’s not much information or reviews about them online, I was a little hesitant but turned out super well! Cutest packaging ever too.

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