Mercedes Hash

(5 customer reviews)




2 gram $20
7 gram $70
14 gram $130
28 gram $250

5 reviews for Mercedes Hash

  1. Stuart Jackson

    Smokes well, nice buzzz, easy to work with. Will purchase again.

  2. Sebastien Lemmetti

    This one is my favorite and them all

  3. dse13

    Nice flavour. Would buy again.

  4. Herb

    Nice product at a very reasonable cost. Tax and shipping included plus points earned make this much cheaper than competitors. Don’t be fooled. Weedsmart has best products at best prices plus great rewards

  5. Rebelt6i

    I’ve now tried all the hash available here and this one for its price and quality was one of the best options! Good burn, great smell, easy to work with, and I did not find it wet at all. Perfect! Bought an ounce and it’s smoking well!! Highly recommend

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