Hemp Edibles by Yami Vapor CBD – CBD Edible – Gummies – 10mg


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Everybody loves gummy bears. It really doesn’t matter if you’re young or old – they are one of the all-time great snacks, period. For the person who craves both gummy bears and CBD, Yami Vapor CBD makes fantastic cannabidiol-infused gummies, boosted with the benefits of healthy, farm-grown hemp harvested right here in the United States. You’ll be able to sate your sweet tooth and not feel (too) bad about doing so! These new gummies are mild yet somehow soothing, and delicious enough to put a smile on your face by capturing the magic of CBD in each bite. This small bottle contains a sugar-encrusted assortment of wild and inimitable flavors, including orange, pink lemonade, cherry, blue raspberry, green apple, and lemon. Comes in five strength-based sizes, with a different number of gummies per jar.


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