Hemp Bombs, High Potency CBD Capsules, Full Spectrum, 100ct, 3000mg CBD

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Hemp Bombs® High Potency CBD Capsules offer a potent concentration of premium CBD in an easily digestible capsule. Each capsule contains a 30mg CBD serving and essential nutrients to support overall wellness and maximize your comfort.
Product Info
• 30mg of CBD per capsule
• 3000mg of CBD per bottle
• Tested by Independent Labs
• Made in America

10 reviews for Hemp Bombs, High Potency CBD Capsules, Full Spectrum, 100ct, 3000mg CBD

  1. Mary Melton

    I’ve been taking CBD for a while, so I’m always on the lookout for a high potency product that is easy to take. I found it in these capsules. Not only are they easy to swallow, but they make me feel good for the vast majority of the day.

  2. Kevin McCall

    The price is high, but it is fully commensurate with the benefits that these capsules bring you. Once I decided not to skimp and try a quality product and I’m still very delighted.

  3. Samantha Gist

    Would highly recommend. Love this product

  4. Vergie Price

    A very convenient format and the right number of capsules to familiarize yourself with the product, or taking them while short travelings. Well done!

  5. Robert Soto

    An appropriate number of capsules for those who just start to get know the benefits of the product. But I need to warn you that these pills are high-potency!

  6. Willie Martin

    A good number of capsules at an affordable price. If you want to get acquainted with the product, then start with these capsules – that’s what you need.

  7. Wayne D.

    An excellent packing for everyone who is going on a short trip, plans to keep using capsules, but don’t want to take a big jar.

  8. Paul F.

    I heard a lot about the Hemp Bombs products and now glad that I finally ordered these capsules. They are convenient to take and have the declared effect.

  9. Corrine

    Hemp bombs capsules are expensive, I could only order them at a discount. I like the effect, feel it pretty quickly after taking one capsule. And I do love the can design. It looks stylish!

  10. Jeff

    i think it’s ideal amount of mg in one capsule. as a regular user of such products i like it and want to buy more for my parents, too

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