Faded Cannabis Edibles

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11 reviews for Faded Cannabis Edibles

  1. Khaos

    felt like they have decent value.

  2. Gameprogirl

    Great candy! Tastes great and pretty strong

  3. Manda Crossley

    taste amazing, they are affordable and works great. highly recommend.

  4. pandora1313

    they taste good but I’m not sure about the potency…

  5. Robyn Depetrillo

    These are great, taste good and do as is. Would recommend!

  6. Harpdogg

    I had trouble with the 10 mg sized edibles, never really got smacked down by them.
    These are strong, take 2-4 of these and you will know it. Great body buzz and a killer sleep. Just ordered a bunch more.
    I have tried almost all edibles on this site these IMO, are by far the best,
    ( im a chronic, these could knock out a rookie)

  7. SuffocatedSkies

    Quite brilliant gummies, I find they work quite well for a reasonable amount of time and the taste is easy to get along with! I don’t experience any negative side effects though I find the gummies are not the most powerful. Even a 30mg piece quite frequently affects me about the same as a 20mg of another brand. I do occasionally experience headaches 6-8 hours after consuming one so I do recommend it as a later-in-the-day experience. Best taken on an empty stomach for maximum effect!

  8. ThePeaJay

    This is a shout out to GK staff, BUT to Nancy in particular. There was some confusion/delay with my order and Nancy took care of it with gusto. IMHO Nancy represents the epitome of what customer care should be! Thanks Nancy!

  9. ThePeaJay

    I got the mixed fruit bag. These taste really good for the most part. I had a really bad tasting one (only one), but I just ate a chocolate mint and that took care of things. I usually take a single one for sleep. If I want a really great buzz, I’ll eat 3-4 of these. Recommend

  10. Rach

    Best value in edibles! Tasty flavours, nice buzz…I snag a few with every order and often use to help with falling to sleep.

  11. BeTter_buDs

    So yummy gunmies 😀

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