Dames THC Gummies 200mg

(8 customer reviews)




Cannabis Infused 200mg – 10 pcs / bag

8 reviews for Dames THC Gummies 200mg

  1. Sherylturt

    Great taste great value

  2. Anita Aylward

    Best tasting gummies I’ve ever tasted!
    Thank you west coast supply!

  3. Jennsimms22

    Works good but didn’t enjoy the flavors, tried orange and Pina colada

  4. jordanarvisais

    One of my favorite brands.

  5. Wendy Lowe

    One of my favs

  6. Wendy Lowe

    Nice tasting

  7. Pinksen21

    Decent quality. Good tasting candy.

  8. Derek Gasper

    Excellent quality

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