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CBDmd Gummies Finally, sweet support for those looking to take CBD the easy way. Our CBD Gummies are made with many of the same ingredients as our other products, including CBD from hemp plants grown right here in the United States. By manufacturing and preserving the properties of CBD, we can maintain an exact concentration of CBD oil in every batch. Not only are these CBD Gummies made with premium ingredients, but they also taste great too! With a range of strengths and flavors, we’ve got the perfect choice of delicious CBD to satisfy your needs. From a midday snack to the ideal nightcap, our CBD Gummies make the sweetest combo of support and tasty treat. Try it out today and taste just what everyone is talking about! Superior Broad Spectrum CBD in every product batch High-quality manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties THC-free* products sourced from USA hemp Third-party, ISO-certified lab-tested to ensure safety and effectiveness Strengths/Sizes: 300mg – 10mg per gummy 750mg – 25mg per gummy Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Water, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice (for color), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Malic Acid, Organic Sunflower Oil, and Organic Carnauba Wax. Why Are CBDmd CBD Gummies So Popular? There are a lot of delicious gummies on the market, so why are CBDmd gummies so popular? These delicious little treats have earned their way to the top of the CBD food chain for several reasons. Not only are these some of the tastiest gummies on the market, but they’re also made with incredible ingredients.  These gummies are 100% non-GMO and contain a bountifully of beneficial botanical ingredients such as organic vegetable and fruit juice as well as organic sunflower oil. The inclusion of sunflower oil alone gives these gummies an extra boost. Sunflower oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides. MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides) are powerful compounds that encourage healthy metabolic activity. They stimulate the body so that it absorbs cannabinoids and other compounds more rapidly and efficiently. This makes them the perfect complement to CBD. Versatility  Everybody uses CBD for something different. Some people use CBD products with melatonin to help them sleep at night, and others use it to combat daily aches and pains. No matter what reasons people utilize CBD, we can all agree on one thing; we want our CBD to work fast and efficiently. CBDmd knows just what customers want and make these delicious gummies with MCT-rich sunflower oil. If you’re looking for gummies that are not only powerful but have a rapid onset time, these are the gummies for you! But, the rapid onset time isn’t the only thing that makes these gummies some of the best; these gummies are made with some of the finest hemp extracts out there. Grown in The Rich Soil of Colorado CBDmd is made of up hemp experts who know exactly what they’re doing. They treat their plants right and grow them in the hemp capital of the United States. Some states are synonymous with CBD. California, Oregon, and Kentucky all come to mind, but when you think of big, beautiful hemp fields, you probably think of Colorado.  This state is home to some of the most gorgeous nature in the country. Wild rivers wind through the woods. The Rocky Mountains crack the sky with their eternal beauty. And underneath it, all is some of the richest, most fertile soil imaginable. The location and soil in which you grow hemp has a massive impact on its overall quality. A lot of brands source their hemp from third-party industrial hemp farms. While this is fine, it doesn’t give the brand complete control over the quality of hemp being grown. CBDmd makes the extra effort to be involved in the hemp growing process from start to finish. All of their hemp is grown using the most natural, sustainable farming practices possible. A team of highly qualified hemp farmers carefully cares for these plants from the moment the seeds are planted to the day the fully-mature plants are harvested. By avoiding harsh pesticides and chemical fertilizers, they allow the hemp to remain pure, potent, and free of even trace amounts of chemicals. Perfectly Pre-Measured There are a lot of reasons to love these gummies, and one of the things customers really appreciate is how easy it is to use them. Gummies come with perfectly pre-measured portions of CBD. This is great because it takes the guesswork out of taking CBD. All you have to do is read the label and count the number of gummies, and you’ll know exactly how much CBD you’re consuming. Finding the perfect serving size is incredibly important. If you don’t take enough CBD, then you won’t get to experience its full range of benefits. We highly recommend that you spend some time experimenting with different serving sizes. Even if you’re an experienced CBD user this will provide you with valuable insight. Experimenting is especially…


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