CBDistillery, Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, 60ct, 1800mg CBD

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CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Softgels contain 30 mg of hemp-derived CBD in a smooth gelatin shell. Our CBD Softgels are available in 30 or 60 count bottles. Capsules and softgels are one of the most convenient and portable methods of getting your daily CBD. The work of finding a proper dosage is already done for you, so there’s no mixing or prepping involved. Softgels can be easily transported so you can take your CBD with you wherever you go.

8 reviews for CBDistillery, Full Spectrum CBD Softgels, 60ct, 1800mg CBD

  1. William Attkisson

    I have had great results with softgels. They really work and I have no side effects.


    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dan McElhiney

    I have arthritis, and I take 1 CBD softgel at bed time. It relaxes me, eases my arthritis, and helps me have a good night sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I no longer have aches all over my body.
    Thank you for CBD!

  4. Robert Skalsky

    I have two 74 year old knees (arthritis, etc) which limited my walking and stair-climbing. I have been taking a prescription Nsaid for about a year which helped but when I added the 30mg CBD capsules about 6 months ago, I felt additional improvement. I take 2-3 walks a week and yesterday completed a 2hr. 4-5 mi. walk.

  5. Matt

    A great product at a great price

  6. Elizabeth

    It helped me to relax and I slept for 8 hours, I got a very restful sleep. This product does exactly what it says and I would recommend to all my friends.

  7. Alice Brown

    I use the softgels before going to bed to calm down after a hard day and fall asleep. They work!

  8. Ashley Mullins

    There’re lots of softgels, which’s enough for a long time — pros. you have to pay a lot for it — cons!

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