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11 reviews for Buy Death Star Strain – Free Edibles – Gifts With All Orders – Get Kush

  1. David Chan

    still one of my favourite strains and my main go to buds, picked up 1/2 lb, so good

  2. guvnor

    Smokes and smells great

  3. David Chan

    still a go to favorite, buds were all medium sized , slightly more harsh than previous batch, still a great spacey high

  4. Aimeed

    Good quality buds i love the taste on this one doesn’t make me quiet as happy as black mamba purple space cookies or black diamond but it’s not far behind . good buds for price .

  5. Robyn Depetrillo

    Quality bud for sure, lacking trichome coverage compared to the other quad aaaa but nonetheless I enjoyed this strain.

  6. McRed

    An excellent night time smoke. Great for people that need to unwind or get to sleep!

  7. stanfaulkenham

    very good weed smells nice

  8. Dave’s Here Man

    Imagine Alderon (not sure of spelling) exploding from the death star’s blast.
    Imagine your brain exploding from a big bong of Death Star bud, any questions?

  9. Harpdogg

    I would definitely order this again
    Love this strain,very strong, taste, smell,

  10. David Chan

    one of my go to buds, really enjoy the spacey high that last for hours, great smoke for average looking buds

  11. JB

    I would definitely order this again.

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