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11 reviews for Aura Edibles Gummy Candies – Get Kush Weed Dispensary

  1. Findanny

    I purchased these again. The first time I got just the sativa. This time I bought a few indica gummies, as well as the sativa. The indica is a little stronger. Both are really, really good though. If you can, buy it in bulk. You can’t beat the price if you do. Get Kush is the best site out there.

  2. Amy Gott

    Very chewy and takes long to chew and swallow but you get all the juice from it so that’s good. Very nice high didn’t want tj come down. 🤘🏽

  3. Findanny

    I purchased the sativa. I got a variety flavors. These are 50mg per candy. For me, I take one candy, and I’m flying. Great price for the punch. I would highly recommend these gummies. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future.

  4. ThePeaJay

    I ordered some of these almost a year ago, and although I prefer the PNE gummies overall, these gummies are almost as good and I’ll order them when PNE gummies aren’t in stock. For me, the burn-out on these is minimal. Once again, I think these are worth a try if you’re into edibles.

  5. Shinbone

    These are great. Always a nice high. There is always that weed after taste with gummies but that is okay. Will order again

  6. ThePeaJay

    Love this brand, I always buy these in the sativa variety. Taste is good, a little weed aftertaste. I find the buzz that comes from these a little short lived, so I’ll cut two in half and eat the halves thirty minutes apart. Now, that being said, my tolerance for weed products is quite high. Everyone that I’ve shared these with has had a positive opinion about them.

  7. Devon Flett

    They were really good.
    A lot better than I expected. The aftertaste was there though, no avoiding that.
    It was kind of chewy though, a little too chewy. Other than that, great product.
    Nice high.

  8. Harpdogg

    Tried these last night, took 2 and everyone had a good time.
    Orange flavour I ordered was nasty, no orange was used.
    woke up feeling great today.

  9. Client306

    Best of the best for edibles for me – It’s all just BHO mixed with gelatin, so for me the most THC per $$ is what takes the cake, taste doesnt matter, texture doesn’t matter, i’m not eating them for the taste or texture. My 5 * rating is for high alone.
    Best bang for buck, slightly less so after the price bump to $25, but still the best deal.
    Only tried the Sativa’s, but my last order was 6 bags of the sativa variety, so that shoudl tell you a bit about how effective they are and how they are worth the money spent. Next order will be likely 10 bags LOL

  10. JokerFish69

    Awesome bang for your buck. Very strong product.

  11. PDouce

    Took them with a friend one night. Bought the pineapple flavor and my friend and I both thought they didn’t taste that great. The high is really nice tough if you mix it up with some smoking.

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