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What is Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift? Kief from marijuana plants is basically the trichomes (aka crystals) that have been removed from the buds. It is basically the stuff that is found at the bottom of a weed grinder and/or at the bottom of the bag. When looking at your cannabis flower, the more “frosty” or crystal-coated it looks, the more kief it is going to produce when ground. However, new techniques have been created throughout the years to allow for making large quantities of kief much more easy and efficient.

Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift Positive Effects

For experienced users with high tolerances, the biggest benefit that kief brings is a very potent, high concentration of THC. Kief is essentially pure doses of THC that can be added on top of bowls, inside of joints, or coated on the outside of a blunt. All of these options help to enhance a smoke sesh tenfold, bringing much higher levels of THC than without it. For those cannabis consumers who are extra experienced, or who may just need a stronger dose, kief is a wonderful extract to turn to.  In general relaxation and euphoria are often the most reported effects users experience. However, the effects of kief are going to be different for every person. Effects are also going to depend on the strain that the kief comes from, so keep this in mind when you’re purchasing an indica, Sativa, or hybrid strain.

Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift Medical Benefits:

The most common use of kief is to treat anxiety, aches, pains, depression, insomnia, among other things. In general, the benefits of kief or dry sift are going to be the same as cannabis, only much more powerful. Cannabis has shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic properties, and characteristics that aid with nervous system disorders.  Because of kief’s high concentration of THC, medical benefits, as a whole, are likely to be felt much more prominently than with just regular flower. For those with chronic aches and pains, or maybe excess stress and anxiety, this is a great extract to turn to for a stronger dose of support. It’s important to remember that the medical benefits of cannabis are still being looked into today. Every person reacts differently to kief when smoked, and, thus, medical benefits will also be slightly individualized.

Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift Vs Marijuana Flowers:

Dry sift tends to be much more potent than cannabis flowers with up to 3-5 times more THC. When combined with regular flower, a kief-topped bowl creates a heightened cannabis experience, producing stronger and longer effects.  In terms of appearance, kief or dry sift is going to look drastically different than your regular flower. When collected, kief appears very sand-like with sparkling accents. On your cannabis, however, the kief looks just like small crystals coating the resinous plant glands.  Just like marijuana flower, kief can be smoked in bowls, joints, pipes, blunts– you name it. While it is possible to just smoke kief on its own, it isn’t recommended because of its lack of sustenance. If you just poured kief into a bowl, chances are, most of the kief will fall right through upon inhalation. Instead, it’s highly urged to combine your kief with fluffy flower. The two create the perfect combination.

Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift Vs Weed Edibles:

Though both are thought to be on the potent side, cannabis edibles tend to last longer and result in more of a body high than kief. After consuming a cannabis edible, you must wait for about an hour or so to begin feeling effects. This is due to the way THC is metabolized inside the body. Kief, on the other hand, will produce effects immediately upon inhalation. The effects will not last as long as the effects of an edible, the highs are quite comparable in terms of potency. Typically, though, kief highs are more cerebral compared to edibles.

How to Make Kief/Dry Sift?

Kief is found at the bottom of grinders and bags of weed. This is because the trichomes are, initially, coating the cannabis flowers themselves; so, when they are manipulated, most of these crystals are going to fall and separate themselves. That’s why three-chambered grinders with kief catches have become so popular nowadays. However, to make larger quantities from large amounts of cannabis, many people use extremely cold temperatures in order to remove the trichomes from the buds easily. Or, you can take your bud and gently run it against a mesh screen, collecting the remnants below. This will take quite a long time if you have several grams–or ounces–of kief you want to collect, but it is efficient.

How to Take Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift?

You can enjoy kief in a myriad of different ways depending on your personal preference. Most people choose to sprinkle some kief on top of their bowls, both with bongs and pipes. Doing this creates a slow-burning feature on the top of the bowl and much more potent smoke. When doing this, make sure to smoke slowly, as the kief will burn much more quickly than regular flower will.  It’s also popular to add a bit of kief into joints or coated around joints for added potency, as well. To do this, many people rely on the stickiness of wax to get the kief stuck to the outside of the roll. Again, if you’re smoking something smothered in this dry sift, make sure you’re pulling slowly to ensure an even burn.

How to Store Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift?

All cannabis concentrate products should be kept in a cool and dark location, and be sealed in an airtight container suitable for holding THC products. Light and air degrade terpenes and accelerate the aging process, ruining the potency and aromas of your kief. Over time, THC can become affected by too harsh of environmental factors, transforming it into a non-psychoactive version of itself. Having this happen is frustrating for any cannabis product, so keeping your kief stored in sealed, airtight containers in cool, dark places is key. On top of this, you also want to guarantee that your kief is properly labeled and stored in a place that is not easily accessible to those under the legal age. 

Cannabis Kief/Dry Sift Side Effects:

Due to cannabis kiefs potent nature, it is recommended to start slow and move your way up.  If taken in excess, you may experience paranoia , dizziness, nausea and anxiety. These effects can commonly be avoided by being responsible with your THC dosage, but effects can be uncomfortable if unprepared.  If any of these side effects do occur, try drinking water, eating a meal, or taking a nap. There’s a good chance your body just needs some sort of normalcy to get back on track. Luckily, these negative side effects are only temporary and do not last long whatsoever.

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