Questions Asked by Pills and Weed Users Online

Where Can I Buy Weed or Pills Online ?

This is a question that is searched online about  18,150 times  every 30 days. It is considered as one of the most frequently asked  questions online. Looking at the number of searches, we realized that there is need for a platform, which will act as a bridge between customers and their product. With our service, you can buy weed online  or pills without any problems. Your product  is delivered within the shortest time and in a secured manner. You can buy weed online from the confines of your home safely without any problems. 

How Long Before my Order is Shipped?

We always ensure to do our best to make sure all orders are  shipped 24 hours (during weekends you we might experience some delays in shipping) once an order is placed and payment made. Delivery is often within the shortest and most reasonable time frame, this is often within 1 to 5 business days. Depending on your location, your package might arrive a lot earlier or you might a little delay. We always ensure to keep our clients posted and informed on the status of their package. We ship using USPS, UPS, FEDEX  etc. We choose a courier service base on availability at the time of delivery. 

How Long Does it take to Deliver Cannabis Purchased Online?

In the major countries, cities and states where we have agents, you should be able to get your package delivered within 48 hours maximum (We often deliver within 24 hours after parcel is mailed).  If you are located in any area where we do not have an agent and we have to solely rely on a courier service, your pills or weed will be typically delivered within 1 to 5 business days tops. So we urge you to be patient if you do not receive your package as soon as you thought you were going to receive. We understand clients do get anxious sometimes. In case of any delay, we always update our clients immediately. Buy weed online, buy pills online and get it delivered. 

Are there any discounts if I buy pills or weed online ?

The answer to this question is, “Yes” you can buy weed and pills online at a discount price. The catch is there are discounts and benefits for clients who place bulk orders. With bulk orders comes many benefits you won’t want to miss out on. For example, depending on your location, your package could be shipped free of charge. What makes a bulk order? This is a question your might ask. Bulk orders range from buying from 3 pounds and above. Bulk buyers always stand a chance of getting weed and pills online at a lower cost. Reason being bulk buyers are often retailers. 

Is it safe to buy weed online ?

Buying weed and pills or any other drug online is a risky process. This is because these drugs are often not legalized in several cities and countries. In order to purchase in of these products in most countries, an individual must have a document stating he/she is eligible to consume these products, other states and countries only place restrictions on the quantity an individual is permitted to possess. Carrying more than this quantities could lead to serious sanctions and penalties, sometimes, even jail terms could be a way of punishment. Buy any drug from us requires that you are eligible to consume these product. If you are in a state or Country where these drugs are considered illegal, do well to let us know at the time of purchase so that appropriate measures will be taken so that you receive your product safely without any problems. 

What Payment Methods can I use to buy weed online?

At, we accept payment through the following payment methods; Paypal, Cash app, crypto currencies (bitcoin, etherious, dogecoin shiba inu, lite coin and monero). 

How do I know I will get what I Paid for?

Over time, as we are in this line of work, we understand this is not a complete legal service. Due to the very nature of drugs such as cannabis and Ectasy pills, fraudsters tend to use this is as advantage to scam and rip people off their money. When we are asked this question, many clients often assume we might find it offensive, but the truth is, you have a right as a client to ask this question. In order to make our clients much more comfortable, we have decided to allow clients be able to make payment only upon delivery of their package. So how is done? isn’t this risky for us? Aren’t we scared a client might take our product and not pay?. These are all questions clients also ask. Well, to answer this, we allow clients to pay through escrow: (escrow is a system of payment that allows clients to make payment only after they have received their package).