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CBD Oil For Pets, Dogs, Cats

Products under this category has a host of valuable benefits for improving your pet’s day to day health. CBD Oil for Pets can improve mood, relieve stress, and simply keep man’s best friend feeling happy. This is due to the way in which CBD can help raise the brain’s overall serotonin levels.  Pets who consume CBD regularly may also have a shinier, healthier coat.

CBD Oil for Pets

What is CBD Oil for Pets?

CBD is a natural compound that occurs in virtually every type of plant in the Cannabis species. It is non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not produce any of the mind-altering sensations that people typically associate with the cannabis “high.” Human beings have used CBD for many years both as medical treatment and as a personal wellness tool. CBD boasts an impressive range of therapeutic benefits, and this has led to the development of dozens of CBD-infused products such as those from Keoni. CBD products include everything from oils to edibles and everything in between. And CBD isn’t just for humans. There are even products for your favorite four-legged friends! CBD products for pets have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. They can include oils, tinctures, treats, and more. CBD pet products are typically sourced from hemp plants in order to eliminate any possibility of THC contamination. These products are proving to be beneficial in treating a number of conditions that traditional medications cannot. They also have an additional number of general health benefits for your furry sidekick. The CBD products currently on the market can be used by dogs, cats, and even horses! Keep reading below to learn more about how CBD pet products work as well as how they can improve the health of your pet. 

How does CBD Oil for Pets Work? 

CBD works in animals in almost exactly the same way as it does for humans. This is why CBD can treat many medical conditions in which similar symptoms appear in both humans and animals. The main way CBD interacts with the body (no matter what species) is through the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a complex system of cells, receptors, and enzymes, and it is in charge of regulating several important functions. These functions include appetite, digestion, mood, memory, and so much more. This system even plays an important role in regulating your immune system response. Just like humans, animals need all of these things to be running properly in order to be healthy. CBD primarily interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, and this often results in therapeutically beneficial effects such as pain relief, improved mood, and more.  CBD also interacts with several important chemicals in your animal’s brain. One of these important chemicals is serotonin. Serotonin is known for playing a role in depression and anxiety in humans, but it does almost the exact same thing in pets. In addition, this chemical regulates sleep, appetite, and more.  With this information, it’s easy to see how human beings aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a daily dose of CBD! 

CBD Oil for Pets Benefits:

CBD Oil for Pets has a host of valuable benefits for improving your pet’s day to day health. These products can improve mood, relieve stress, and simply keep man’s best friend feeling happy. This is due to the way in which CBD can help raise the brain’s overall serotonin levels.  Pets who consume CBD regularly may also have a shinier, healthier coat. CBD contains a ton of nutrients that are vital for strengthening and growing hair. It can also help balance oil production to prevent dandruff and dry skin. CBD is even known to have prominent anti-inflammatory properties that can improve skin health and, therefore, promote a healthy coat.  CBD is especially beneficial for senior pets. Older animals often suffer from chronic pain and inflammation as a result of their age, and this can affect their movement, mood, and overall happiness. CBD can greatly reduce inflammation as well as pain in older animals, leading to a greater quality of life in their later years.  As previously mentioned, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and influences several important bodily functions. CBD pet products can improve your pet’s general health by promoting better sleep, appetite, digestion, and more. That’s why many pet owners choose to use CBD as a daily health supplement rather than as a treatment for a specific medical condition. 

Medical Uses of CBD Oil for Pets

It can be used as a medical treatment for a variety of medical conditions that can affect pets. Below are some of the most common conditions treated by CBD:  As we said earlier, CBD can be an effective painkiller for pets suffering from mild to severe chronic pain. This can be beneficial for animals suffering from old age, arthritis, and a number of other ailments. CBD reduces pain via a number of different mechanisms. This compound can reduce inflammation as well as lower the intensity of the brain’s pain signals to reduce your pet’s perception of pain. Studies show that CBD can even completely halt the absorption of the brain chemical that sends these pain signals. As a result, CBD is able to greatly reduce feelings of pain. 

The oil also greatly reduces feelings of stress and anxiety in animals. Just like humans, animals often suffer from anxiety, and they can even have their own specific phobias. These stressors can cause noticeable and harmful physical symptoms, including certain repetitive behaviors such as barking, scratching, biting, etc. CBD increases serotonin levels in a way that effectively reduces anxiety and stops these behaviors.

Another important medical use for CBD pet products is to reduce nausea and vomiting. Both of these symptoms can be a result of a variety of health conditions, medications, and other treatments such as chemotherapy. They can also seriously impact your pet’s health by leading to other symptoms including weight loss, fatigue, dehydration, and more. CBD acts as an antiemetic, meaning that it can control nausea and vomiting while also increasing energy and appetite.  Other pet medical conditions commonly treated by CBD include tumors, seizures, IBS, and many more.


Basically, THC is the stuff that gets you high, whereas CBD counteracts that feeling.  Oftentimes while working in unison, THC and CBD compliment each other in such a way that brings the best effects out of both chemical compounds. 

How to Make CBD Oil for Pets?

This is extracted from cannabis or hemp plants in a number of different ways.  Typically the buds need to be decarboxylated and then the cannabinoids are to be extracted from the plant matter. However, it is recommended to be left to the professionals since it can be extremely dangerous. 

How to Give CBD Oil for Pets?

There are a number of CBD pet products on the Canadian market. There are CBD oils for pets and CBD pet treats that can be ingested orally. In addition, there are CBD topicals for pets that can be applied externally. In general, CBD oils are considered to be the most effective for pets since they are the most potent as well as the most easily administered.

CBD Oil for Pets Side Effects:

Fortunately, CBD has very low toxicity levels and rarely results in any unwanted side effects. However, there are a number of side effects that can occur which you should be aware of before giving CBD to your pet.  CBD is known to decrease the production of saliva, and this can lead to dry mouth and increased thirst in animals. High doses of CBD can also cause a sudden drop in blood pressure that, while not serious, can result in mild dizziness. Finally, CBD can cause drowsiness in pets, especially for those using CBD to treat stress or anxiety.  Always make sure you are following proper dosing guidelines in order to minimize the risks of your pet experiencing any of these side effects. 

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