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Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates contain high THC levels that range from 40% to over 90%, stronger in THC content than high-grade marijuana. They could be good or bad depending on how you use them. popular concentrates include weed waxes such as budder, crumble and shatter.  Others include THC oils, sauces, hash and resins. This extraction allows for the plant material itself to be destroyed, leaving behind only the most potent, beneficial components of the cannabis plant. This residual oil filled with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids is then manipulated and purged to ensure the pure, wax-like concentrates you know and love.

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Cannabis Concentrates Positive Effects

For experienced users with high tolerances, the biggest benefit is that weed concentrates are very potent with THC commonly ranging between 40-80%. Compared to flower, which has THC percentages typically between 15-25%, this is a huge difference in terms of potency. This creates a wonderful cannabis option for those who need a stronger experience to get the desired effects. 

Relaxation and euphoria are often the most reported effects users experience. 

Cannabis Concentrates Medical Benefits:

The many different types of weed concentrate offer a wide range of benefits for medical marijuana patients across Canada.  Two of the common uses of concentrates are to alleviate pain and reduce stress or anxiety. Many people find strong therapeutic value in cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties, allowing for serious pain relief that other forms of weed may not be able to achieve. 

Reduction in stress and anxiety are also common, as the cannabinoids within cannabis are said to be wonderful for regulating stress hormones and quick reactions. This can be great for helping the body find its natural inner balance and helping you feel regulated on a more daily basis. Again, these effects are specific to the person, as one may feel much more motivated and uplifted from their shatter, while someone else might feel much calmer and more soothed from their dabs. The therapeutic value of cannabis concentrates (and cannabis as a whole) is one that is still actively being looked into.

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Butane Honey Oil (BHO)Budder / Badder / BatterCrumble Wax
Distillates & IsolatesHashHoneycomb Wax 
Kief / siftLive ResinResin
Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)RosinShatter Wax
Terp SauceTHC OilTinctures 

Cannabis Concentrates Vs Marijuana Flowers:

Concentrates tend to be much more potent than cannabis flowers with up to 4-5 times more THC. 

Concentrates tend to be much more potent than cannabis flowers with up to 4-5 times more THC. As we mentioned up above, the typical cannabis flower will have THC levels ranging anywhere from about 15% to 25%. You may be able to find strains closer to 30%, but anything with levels that high is considered “top-shelf” or “boutique” cannabis, and is going to cost you a whole lot more than your regular bud.  Cannabis concentrates, on the other hand, regularly test nearing around 60-70% THC, though it can have anywhere from 40-90% depending on the brand. Having THC levels this high creates a completely different cannabis experience than just taking a hit from a joint or pipe. For those who have been smoking for years, or for those who need more relief than others, turning to concentrates can be a Godsend. They create such a potent, transformative experience that even cannabis connoisseurs can’t get enough of.  Of course, setting up your rig and taking a dab is a bit more complicated than just loading a bowl and toking. In general, smoking flower is easier, but with the right equipment, dabbing can be effortless, too. It just takes a little bit of practice. (But, if you’re someone who isn’t savvy with a rig and torch, you can always opt for electronic dab rigs.)  

Cannabis Concentrates Vs Weed Edibles:

Cannabis concentrates and weed edibles are drastically different in practically every way. The main similarity between the two is that they both come from cannabis; that’s about it. In terms of consumption, concentrates are inhaled while edibles are digested. This method of consumption alone creates a completely different marijuana experience. Because edibles have to make their way to your digestive system,,  then into the bloodstream, the effects take longer to kick in compared to sublingual or inhalation, which avoids the liver’s first-pass metabolism. It is then metabolized by the liver and kidney However, due to this, the effects of cannabis edibles tend to last longer and create more of a sedating body high than cannabis concentrates. Concentrates, though, have effects that kick in immediately if they are inhaled or allowed to dissolve under the tongue (sublingual). The high tends to go more towards the head and work its way down the body depending on the strain. Effects will last just a few hours– nothing as long as an edible high. While both of these forms of cannabis are extremely potent, their potencies are expressed in completely different ways.

How to Make Cannabis Concentrates?

As we saw earlier, there are many different types of cannabis concentrates. Therefore, it makes sense that there are many different methods to create each one.  From using heat, pressure, alcohol or butane, making cannabis concentrates can be a dangerous thing to do. This is why it is never recommended that you try this at home unless you know what you are doing.

Typically, this process is done with expensive, state-of-the-art equipment in designated labs to avoid any missteps. (Again, this process has been known to be extremely dangerous when done by the average person.) Depending on the manufacturer, the company may use CO2 to destroy the plant matter, or they may choose to go a solvent-free route. This is all specific to the cannabis concentrate company, so do your own research to see which type of extraction process makes you feel most comfortable dabbing.

How to take Cannabis Concentrates?

Of the many ways, smoking weed concentrates is the most common.  You can dabvape, or even add it to a joint.  You can also eat concentrates in edibles.

How to Take Cannabis Concentrates

Though not quite as versatile as flower, cannabis concentrates can be enjoyed in myriad ways. The most common method is dabbing. Dabbing requires a proper dab rig, dab tool, nail (or banger, as it is also called), a carb cap, and a torch. To dab, you must take your torch and heat the nail of your dab rig until it is red hot. Then, let it cool down and collect a small dab on the tip of your dab tool. Once the nail has cooled down a bit, simply place the dabbed-end of your tool into the banger and swirl, getting all of the wax off the tool. As you’re doing this, inhale through the mouthpiece of your rig. Once the wax is off the tool, remove the tool and place your carb cap on top of the nail, still inhaling. Then, exhale whenever you need, and you’ve dabbed.  You also have the option of vaping cannabis concentrates. Some vape pens allow you to place a few dabs directly into the chamber of the pen, and it will heat the concentrate enough to vaporize the wax. This is an easier, much more discreet way of enjoying your weed wax.  Many people have found that adding concentrates, instead of flower, into edibles creates a much stronger high. This is true, as the concentrates are much more potent. Doing this is only recommended for the most experienced consumers.  Finally, you can also add some concentrates to your flower. By sprinkling some crumble on a bowl or wrapping a blunt in wax, the smoke sesh is enhanced tenfold. However, do be aware that concentrates require much stronger heat to burn than cannabis flower.

How to Store Cannabis Concentrates?

All cannabis concentrate products should be kept in a cool and dark location, and be sealed in an airtight container suitable for holding THC products. Light, air, and temperature degrade terpenes and accelerate the aging process, effectively ruining your concentrates.  Always ensure your concentrates are properly sealed and labeled, keeping them away from any person under the age of 19.

Cannabis Concentrates Side Effects:

Due to weed concentrates’ potent nature, it is recommended to start slow and move your way up to stronger doses the more comfortable you get. If taken in excess, you may experience paranoia, dizziness, nausea, and anxiety. These effects can commonly be avoided by being responsible with your THC dosage. If you do experience any negative side effects from your cannabis concentrates, doing things like drinking water, taking a shower, or eating a meal can help balance you out. Remember that these effects are only mild and won’t last long.

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