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Cannabis Budder | Marijuana Wax

Cannabis Budder/Wax sometimes called “badder” or “batter”, is a cannabis concentrate that is a subcategory of weed wax, and pretty much refers to any wax that has a creamy texture. What makes budder popular is that it is easy to work with and it retains much of its natural flavors. There are plenty of ways to use budder, but most users consume it through dabbing, which means inhaling a small portion of the weed wax with a special rig or vaporizer.

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Cannabis Budder/Wax Positive Effects:

At average THC concentrations of 70%, Budder is a potent form of cannabis that promotes an increase in relaxation, euphoria, happiness, and mood in users. Even though budder may technically have a lower average THC content than a concentrate like shatter, the prominent terpene profile found within budder helps promote a stronger, more encompassing high. When cannabis’s properties act synergistically, or as one, the effects are said to be more powerful. This idea, called the entourage effect, is specifically promoted in concentrates like budder that have higher terpene and cannabinoid levels. Many people love turning to budder wax simply because of the tasty, aromatic profiles that this concentrate tends to have. For those who love a good, pungent dab, budder makes a wonderful option.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Budder/Wax:

Every person is going to experience different medical benefits when trying budder. However, medical marijuana patients commonly use budder to treat conditions such as chronic pain and arthritis.  Because of budder’s high THC content and impressive terpene profile, the two create a powerful high that’s wonderful for those in need of extra support. The anti-inflammatory properties within cannabis help to reduce muscle tension and lower pain all throughout the body.  Other common uses are for depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Many find that budder creates strong calming effects that are good for helping to reduce stress and anxiety while also boosting mood. With this kind of mental clarity, motivation feels easier and things like sleeping come more effortlessly, especially if the budder is indica-dominant.

Cannabis Budder/Wax Vs Marijuana:

Having THC levels of around 70%, Budder is much more potent than cannabis flowers (20%).  Your average cannabis flower contains about 20% THC, and numbers as high as 30% are considered luxury. When directly comparing budder to marijuana flower itself, it’s clear that budder is much more potent.  Budder may be one of the easiest concentrates to handle, but smoking flower is still easier to do than dabbing. But, just because it is easier doesn’t mean it’s more effective. Dabbing takes more effort but you are going to get the full cannabinoid content, versus only getting a small percentage of it when smoking a bowl.  Regarding terpene profiles, budder may be one of the most pungent of the concentrates, but flower is still going to be stinkier. Cannabis flower is always going to smell more obviously like the terpenes it contains, though high-quality budder will also boast clear tastes and scents.

Cannabis Budder/Wax Vs Crumble:

Crumble wax is dry and crumbly, whereas Budder is moist. Other than that, they share very similar properties in terms of potency and aromas. In general, budder tends to be easier to handle than crumble, as budder stays on the dab tool and is collected better than crumble. Both budder and crumble will come in varying shades of golden honey colors, some being darker or lighter than others. The color of your concentrates depends on the way the manufacturer crafted the wax; it does not provide any indication of quality. Both of these forms of concentrate will have pungent aromas, but the exact smells will be dependent on the specific terpenes found inside.

Cannabis Budder/Wax Vs Shatter:

Shatter is another form of weed wax, but it is much harder and clearer than budder. To achieve this transparent profile, shatter goes through a more comprehensive extraction and purification method. Compared to budder, shatter normally has a higher concentration of THC, but less of the terpenes and flavor due to the extensive filtering. This also results in an almost clear color, usually with a slight golden hue.  As the name suggests, shatter has a fragile, glass-like profile that tends to shatter when manipulated. This makes it slightly difficult to handle on dab tools, especially compared to more creamy concentrates like budder. If you’re newer to the cannabis concentrate scene, handling shatter may be too tough; budder would be a much easier option for newbies.

How to Make Weed Budder/Wax/Batter?

Budder is made using an extraction process that mixes cannabis with solvents and purges the THC with extreme heat and air pressure to remove the solvent. Every concentrate company is going to do this a little differently, with different solvent options to choose from depending on preference. After the plant material has been destroyed by the solvent, the remaining oils must be purged of that solvent to ensure a clean, pure extract. During the purging process, the budder is whipped a bit to create a fluffier consistency. This whipping motion is exactly what creates the butter-like texture that this concentrate is known for. Other concentrates like wax or sauce are just going to be mixed, while shatter will be left untouched during this step. This is what determines the texture of your concentrate.  As with all other cannabis concentrates, it is strongly urged to avoid attempting to make these at home. The process of crafting concentrates is extremely dangerous, requiring the use of flammable, explosive chemicals. It is recommended to leave this process up to the professionals in appropriate lab settings.

How to take Marijuana Budder?

Many believe the best way to smoke budder is by dabbing or vaporizing because these methods result in more pronounced flavors. Dabbing concentrates like budder allows for the full vaporization of cannabinoids and terpenes; this is what creates a fuller flavor profile and potent experience. To dab, you will need a dab rig, mini torch, dab tool, carb cap, and budder.  Many people choose to heat the banger of the dab rig until it is red hot. Then, place a small amount of budder onto your dab tool and wait until the rig cools down (usually about 30 seconds). Then, insert the dab tool, swirling it around while you’re inhaling. Once the dab is off the tool, remove the tool and place the carb cap on top of your banger. After exhaling, you’ve dabbed.  Some portable vaporizers also allow consumers to add concentrates directly into the chamber for vaporization. This will be much more discreet and less complicated than using a dab rig.  Occasionally, dabbers will add budder into a bowl or a joint to enjoy alongside flower. While this can be nice occasionally, it is important to keep in mind that concentrates require a much higher heat source to burn properly– one that’s much hotter than what your flower requires. Typically, doing this results in an uneven burn if you’re not careful.

How to Store Cannabis Budder/Wax?

If kept properly, Budder can last for over a year.  It is recommended to be kept in an air-tight glass container and stored in a dark and cool location out of the reach of children. Any excess air, moisture, or extreme temperatures can negatively affect your budder, degrading terpenes and cannabinoids. This will result in a less potent, less aromatic concentrate that’s not as pleasant to dab.  Proper storage is key if you’re hoping to hold on to your budder for a few weeks at a time. If you’ve stored your budder for a while, make sure to smell the concentrate and inspect it for any contaminants before enjoying it once again.

Cannabis Budder/Wax Side Effects:

Due to its high THC concentration, budder should be taken in moderation.  It is recommended to start slowly and give it some time before taking more, especially if you have never had concentrates before. Taking too big of a dab at once may result in uncomfortable side effects. Some side effects include headaches, paranoia, dizziness, and a heavy couchlock body buzz. Other minor effects include dry mouth and dry/red eyes. If any of these things occur, try drinking water or eating a meal. Sometimes, the body just requires a bit of normalcy to get back on track. It is important to remember that these side effects are only temporary and can easily be remedied with careful consumption.

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